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Home Owner’s Insurance in St. Charles MO

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At Atchison Insurance, providers of premium home owner’s insurance in St. Charles MO, we know that your home may very well represent your most valuable asset. Given the value your home represents to your family it is critical that you have the proper protection in place should the unthinkable happen. Your home coverage should be tailored to meet your unique needs whether you own your home, villa, townhouse, or rent. We will help you purchase the best home owner’s insurance combination of price and coverage to meet your special needs.

We can offer you:

» Many coverage's to protect you and your property
» Excellent Claims service
» Property insurance at an affordable price

A homeowner policy covers your personal property at values equal to 50 to 70 percent of the dwelling coverage. When the value of the things you own exceeds these percentages, additional coverage can be critical. If you collect art, have valuable jewelry or have other collectible items of great value, you might want to consider expanding your coverage to protect those items. A standard policy will probably insure your personal possessions at actual cash value, which is the value of an item at the time of a loss. To make sure you can fully replace them, you may want to add an endorsement for replacement cost coverage, which will replace the item with one of like kind and quality.

In the wake of a catastrophe such as a fire or tornado, it can be very difficult to create a list of all the things you owned. Now is the time to walk through your house and make an inventory of your possessions. One easy way to do this is to videotape the contents of your home. When finished, place a copy of the tape in a safe deposit box. Or make a copy of your tape or inventoried documents, and store them at a family member's home. Then, if the worst does happen, you'll have a record that can help in reporting to the insurance company possessions that were lost and need to be replaced.

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